Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Amidst All, I Chose to Stay..

Ups and downs, distress and dismay, 
Everything so messed up, couldn't find any way.
Amidst all, I chose to stay..

When the grass wasn't green,
and life decided to bean.
Amidst all, I chose to stay..

When my loved ones betrayed,
and I was treated as stray.
Amidst all, I chose to stay..

When trusting someone had become a dare,
and believing the lies was a daunting affair.
Amidst all, I chose to stay..

When my heart was smashed and I was left in agony,
everything would change but my destiny.
Amidst all, I chose to stay..

Life is a fractious picture, quite mysterious to portray,
some memories would fade, some would sway.
Amidst all, I chose to stay..

Saturday, February 13, 2016


When did I grow up so old?
Nobody knew where the future would mould.

I stand at a new incept,
so vague, so brawny, strenuous to accept!

Dear Mom, Dear Dad, how am I to manage without your presence?
Dear bro, Dear sis, I would take with me our relation's essence!

Decked up for the D-Day, I look so majestic,
with a bunch of feelings, nostalgic and sceptic.

Parting ways, I would depart with my prince charming,
looking forward to a future so dazzling!

With tears in my eyes I would steadily withdraw,
leaving behind my glitch and flaw..
Hell Yeah That's 'ME'

I grew up with so much care,
the world outside was kinda nightmare.

Initially, it was all so rosy,
slowly and steadily it became all noisy.

The better you are, the worse is your case,
people hit you hard on your bloody face.

Shattered and pulverized, I asked for succour,
Everybody would ogle but nobody would occur!

Darn! Darn! Darn! the world is so shitty,
some chuckled and some showed pity!

What the heck did I do? Why the heck was I punished??
Oh thanks for the reward, a good soul just vanished!

I see somebody has fallen, do I pick up thee??
the bloody angel in me still resides, hell yeah that's 'ME!' 

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Mat Ruth Tu Zindagi Se..

Ae musafir ye duniya nahi hai teri,
Phir kyu tu karta hai itni bhaaga daudi?

Chaar paise kamane me yeh bhul jaata hai,
Apno ka ehsaas rupyo se nahi aata hai..

Waqt ki Raftaar se khud jud jaata hai,
Esa waqt kya kaam ka jo tere hone ka ehsaas bhula jaata hai?

Zara ruk ja, Zara thehar jaa,
Is chachal hawaa me tu bhi Leher jaa..

Mehsus kar apne aap ko in khaamosh fizaa me,
payga apna astitva jo gum gaya tha is khizaa me..

Samandar ki lehro ke sath tu bhi ucchal jaa,
Dubti kashti ke bhay se thoda sambhal jaa..

Banaale is falsafe ko apni bandagi,
Kahi dubte suraj ke sath naa dub jaaye teri ye Zindagii..

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Let My Mind Rule Over..

Let my mind rule over,
There will be less pain in the heart.

Let my mind rule over,
The feeling of love should depart.

Let my mind rule over,
Love is leading me nowhere,
It has alot to say but nobody to care.

Let my mind rule over,
I feel so disgraced and unwanted,
Do you realise, it's miserable daunted.

Let my mind rule over,
'coz its stronger than this moron,
it is on the brink of death, 
Still wishes to go on and on..

Saturday, November 27, 2010


I Knew Not Where To Go,

Climb The Hills Or Face The Snow.

None Was Easy That Was Clear,

And Failure Was The Only Fear.

I Decided To Move Ahead With Zeal,

Keeping In Mind, Losing Would Not Be A Big Deal.

I Started Climbing The Lofty Hill,

With My First Step I Fell And Lost The Will.

Life Is Unfair, Turned And Twisted,

And Crying For It Is Like Half Life Wasted.

I Stood Up Again With More Determination,

Carving A Phenomenal Future Being My Only Destination.

Life Has To Go On No Matter What,

Be It Autumn Or Be It Drought...!!!!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Cry Of No Tears...

Even in the crowd I find myself alone,
People gaze at me and think I am a stone.
When the moon is out and the sun goes away,
That is the time I start my Day.
At the shore of a sea, I sit Quietly,
Looking at the waves moving gently.
I think about the present,future and the past,
Concluding that emotions are feelings not to be broadcast.
With My arms around the knees, I silently weep,
'Coz the pain in my heart is boundlessly deep.
I move away from there, hoping for a better tomorrow,
That would gift me a smile and take away my sorrows...!!